Help one Help all

Haiti, one of the poorest and least developed nations in the world, is home to more than 10 million people; 80% are below the poverty line, and 50% are destitute. The unemployment rate is 40%.  Haiti needs help to deal with its mounting problems. Please consider joining my effort. 

Many organizations are devoting significant human effort and money to address the situation in Haiti. You may be a contributor to such an institution; the Red Cross is one, and Oxfam is another. In the institutional setting, while the overall good is verifiable, it is nearly impossible to track your individual contribution.

The Help one Help all (HoHa) project strives to bring benefactors and recipients closer in a simple structure without overhead. I solicit your financial backing to supplement my limited resources because I have witnessed too many cases that I can’t help. I will be on location in Haiti to oversee all aspects of this project, and you can expect to know as much as I know.

The plan is to identify and boost the able, and find the destitute as well to lessen their suffering. Accordingly, we’ll reward superior academic performance, promote economic self-sufficiency and provide humanitarian assistance to the neediest. Money spent on education is a long term investment toward a better future; a tiny loan can turn an idea into a business whereas a charitable donation is meant for basic needs that cannot wait until tomorrow.

We’ll focus our efforts on Cap-Haitien because I know the space. It is my hometown and the largest city after Port-au-Prince (the capital and also the site of the 2010 earthquake). We’ll measure success by the number of persons we touch with a handout, a meal, a prescription filled; the students we inspire to master a trade and other knowledge, and the repayment of the loans that can bring families closer to financial independence.

A lack of transparency often frustrates those in a position to help. Toward that end, all available data will be posted on line. In addition to continuous updates, you can expect to see a brief description or purpose of the financial help along with the associated name, date, amount, etc.

Please consider a periodic payment or a one-time contribution. Let us know if you favor a specific cause i.e. education, charity or entrepreneurship.  FYI, $1 equates to one meal or two, $10 can feed a family for a couple of days, $100 covers about a third of the yearly tuition and $1,000 represents a scholarship or a business loan. I thank you in advance for your trust and your support are vital.